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Mountaineer Alumni Camps

This summer you can choose your adventure with Mountaineer Alumni Camps at Snowshoe Mountain!

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Family Camp

Mountaineer Family Camps

JULY 2-9, 2017 - AUGUST 6-13, 2017

Mountaineer families are one of a kind, so their camp should be, too. While your kids bounce from activity to activity, you choose your own adventures. Of course, you’ll still get to share your tales over a lakeside campfire, enjoy chef prepared meals and participate in organized alumni camp events together. Best of all, your big WVU family will always be just a horseshoe-toss away.

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Mountaineer Adventure Camps

JULY 13-16, 2017

Mountaineers, get ready to say yes to four adrenaline-filled days of pure adventuring -- WVU style. Mountaineer Adventure Camp is all about filling your lungs, testing your limits, and seeing just how much fun you can string together in the name of unbridled Mountaineer pride. Yeah, we thought you'd like that.

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