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Dianne Anderson

Diane Anderson

Ms. Anderson, who resides in Cleveland, OH, is a seasoned and highly accomplished senior executive with more than 30-years of experience leading energy organizations both at a public corporation and in a research university.

She spent 25 years as an executive at BP, where she held several global leadership positions both nationally and internationally, in London and Krakow, Poland. She was appointed President, U.S. West of Rockies Fuel in 2006, where she lead the integration of fuels, refining, supply, trading and Arco marketing. In 2008, she was named the first Executive Director of the great Lakes Energy Institute at Case Wester Reserve University, where she recently retired. Anderson graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in civil engineering from West Virginia University. She has completed senior-executive development programs at Harvard, Cambridge University and Northwestern University. In addition, she served as a visiting faculty member in Stanford University’s program on Customer Focused Innovation.