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Jerome Black

Black is an internationally recognized global innovator in the retail and digital technology fields, as well as a leading international speaker and thought leader on value chains, the future of retail and creative approaches to e-commerce.

He is also a loyal and passionate Mountaineer having grown up in Kingwood and graduated from Morgantown High School. Black received his Bachelor of Science degree in business in 1982.

Black is currently an executive board member and deputy president of Aeon Retail Co. based in Japan. He is also Chairman of the board for Aeon Entertainment, a movie and content business which is the number two cinema business in Japan as well as serving as an executive officer for the Aeon Holding Co. and director of international affairs.

The Aeon Group is a forward thinking international retailer with revenues of more than eight trillion yen (approximately $70 billion in U.S. dollars) and more than 440,000 employees. The diverse holdings include: 145 shopping malls, more than 35 million credit card holders, more than 30 million e-money cards issued as well as several established retail formats including: supermarkets, general merchandise stores, drug stores, convenience stores and many branded specialty store chains. In all, the group encompasses more than 280 consolidated subsidiaries.

Black is currently responsible for the digital businesses including e-commerce, omni channel, digital media, social media strategies, and digital marketing strategies.

As one of the few non-Japanese senior executives among any top Japanese company, Black has led dramatic business growth and innovation within Japan and expansion throughout 13 Asian countries, as well as having been in charge of both strategy and information technology during Aeon’s widely acclaimed leadership role in Japan’s recovery from the Great Japan earthquake and tsunami in 2011.

Black’s previous roles within the Aeon Group include: group chief digital officer, CEO of ASEAN, chief strategy officer, CIO and senior EVP responsible for merchandising and marketing.

As a widely acclaimed leader in corporate citizenship, Aeon advocates for a sustainable future and a better standard of living for all. Aeon has contributed significantly in local communities, has helped to fund or build over 300 schools in developing countries, has established bio-diversity programs, teenage ambassador cultural exchange programs and has planted more than 11 million trees around the world.

Black was previously president and CEO for Kurt Salmon, one of the leading global thought leadership and consulting firms to the retail and consumer products industry.

He also currently serves on the U.S.-Japan Council Business Advisory Board and is co- chair of the End to End Value Chain Global Initiative for the Consumer Goods Forum.

He is also a former board member of AEON Co. BHD, AEON Stores, AEON Co. LTD., Laura Ashley Japan Co. and AEON 1% Club.