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Bill Shaflucas

A former WVU Hockey player makes history to raise money for cancer research.

A Guinness World Record for Good

“We have to stay here… we live here, we sleep in the locker rooms, we have a little cafeteria set up in the meeting room…but it’s for such a good cause. “

Last month a group of forty men set out to make history in Buffalo, New York. Their mission?  To break the record for the longest ice hockey game in history with an event called “The 11-Day Power Play”. Among those men was WVU grad Bill Shaflucas (’97, ’99).

“It’s great to represent my school, I played club hockey at WVU for six years and I still miss the camaraderie.” said Shaflucas, who often sets up WVU game watches and alumni events in Buffalo. “I’d like to get more mountaineers active in this area.”

While breaking the record was on their minds, it wasn’t the only goal they set. The teams of 20 worked together to try to raise $1 million dollars to benefit Roswell Park Cancer Institute.      

“Everyone is affected by cancer, we’re just lucky we can all get together and do something we really love and try to help a little bit.”

In the end, after more than 250 continuous hours of ice hockey, the Blue Team scored 1725 goals to the White Team’s 1697 in what is officially the longest ice hockey game ever played. But the true winners are those who were helped by the generous donations of the community…the teams broke $1.1 million before the puck even hit the ice.

You can learn more about the 11-Day Power Play here.