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Brian Harold

As the Managing Director of APM Terminals Mobile, Harold is responsible for each of the 4500 shipping containers that make their way through the Port of Mobile in a given week.

The Port of Mobile

Brian Harold, a true West Virginia native, dedicated Mountaineer fan, and family man, exhibits a passion and admiration for West Virginia University that extends far beyond Morgantown. He credits the University for the positive impact of exceptional staff and experiences throughout his life and career. During his time at WVU, Harold met his wife, Lori, originally from Weirton, WV, and they soon made it official by tying the knot in Milan Puskar Stadium. 

Harold, who has now relocated to Mobile, Alabama to pursue his career in Business, took on the role of Managing Director of APM Terminals Mobile. Harold works with both State and Federal Government officials, Port Authorities, and individual clients to ensure that goods entering the United States are safe and timely. He is responsible for each of the 4500 shipping containers that make their way through the Port of Mobile in a given week. “As the sole gateway for containerized cargo in the state of Alabama, we facilitate a lot of economic value to the state. We create a lot of jobs, not only directly in the facility but indirectly as we talk about 1400 truck transactions that are coming in every day, the people who operate the tug boats, and all of the borders and customs agents who are scanning the cargo to make sure everything is safe.” 

“In my job that I do right now here in Mobile, Alabama, the thing that I like most about it is the economic value that it creates. We as a company are helping attract new companies down here to this area; we are creating jobs for people that can help improve their lives and that, to me, is more satisfying than anything I can do.”

Even though Harold lives quite a few miles from West Virginia, that doesn’t mean he lost the great pride and sense of home it means to be a Mountaineer. His affinity for West Virginia University is evident as soon as you walk into his office at the Port of Mobile as a large, framed photo of Milan Puskar Stadium greets visitors as soon as they walk in. 

“I take so much pride in being from West Virginia and graduating from West Virginia University, I can’t even describe it. We have a lot to be proud of as West Virginians….and now I’m in the business of teaching my kids to be proud West Virginians even though they were born in Alabama. Both kids can sing every word to “Country Roads” and know all the words to our Fight Song. As a family, we are very proud West Virginians and always will be.”  

Written by Caroline Brophy