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The Podcast Coach

Matty Staudt is the Digital Program Director at IHeartRadio in San Francisco.

The Podcast Coach

“It’s what I love, I love creating content and I love creating podcasts.”

As the Digital Program Director for IHeartRadio in San Francisco, Matty Staudt oversees video, social media, and more for five of the largest radio stations in the United States. From streaming interviews with the hottest musicians to working with station program directors, Staudt is constantly generating new content for IHeartRadio fans to enjoy. But podcasting…podcasting is where Matty has truly become somewhat of a guru.  

"Podcasting" is a relatively new method of audio-storytelling, where hosts utilize interviews, prewritten content and sound clips to entertain and inform. 

“For the company I work as a Podcasting Coach, working with the markets and talent to teach them how to podcast and work on podcast strategies.”

Since taking his current role at IHeartRadio just over a year ago, Staudt has helped to create 25 different podcasts in his market alone. He’s also the host of their weekly flagship podcast, “Access Podcast”, where he interviews fellow podcasters from all walks of life.

Matty even hosts a podcast with former WVU quarterback Pat White and running back Steve Slaton in his free time. The "Pat White Podcast" takes a unique look at the world of WVU Sports and culture. 

"You will never meet somebody who knows me, who doesn't know that I went to WVU...I've always been extremely proud to be from West Virginia and to have gone to West Virginia University. It's part of my DNA."

Matty is helping the WVU Alumni Association to launch a brand new podcast of our own. "Air Check" will feature unique stories and advice from graduates of West Virginia University.