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Rick Loughery

Rick Loughery is the Vice President of Global Communications for GoPro

GoPro San Diego

“We used to love the outdoors. We would do some mountain biking, spelunking, and caving. We’d go out to Cooper’s Rock and do some repelling, but I feel like we were just always enjoying the outdoors while we were in West Virginia.” 

After finishing his degree in advertising at WVU, Rick Loughery made his way to New York City, thinking he would be a “big ad man”, but that didn’t last long. After roughly a year in the Big Apple, Rick was restless and in need of adventure. He’d spent some time surfing in California a few years earlier and knew that the west coast was calling him once again. With waves on his mind, Loughery quit his job, packed his jeep and drove across the country.

In less than a month, he landed a job at a PR agency that specialized in technology near San Francisco and worked in Silicon Valley for 14 years, eventually creating his own PR agency before meeting the founder of GoPro.

“When I started at GoPro I was the 13th employee, so we were really small and it was a chance for me to stay in tech but pursue some of my passions in the outdoors.” 

Now, Loughery travels around the world as the Vice President of Global Product Communications for GoPro, spreading the word about new products and exciting events with GoPro athletes. All “earned media”, from Facebook and Instagram posts to articles in Outside Magazine, fall under Loughery who says he is using many of the skills he acquired at West Virginia University. 

“Learning how to be social and develop relationships with other people was such a great experience for me…it (WVU) forced me to meet new people who were probably a lot different from me and that is so important in business today.”

This Spotlight was created using GoPro cameras.  S pecial t hanks to Rick Loughery, GoPro, and Brady Watson for providing GoPro footage.