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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will my membership last?

Student Alumni Association memberships last one calendar year from the date you sign up. Memberships do not auto renew. You will receive an e-mail reminder when you membership is close to being up.
Will I have to pay for a membership after I graduate?
All WVU students get a WVU Alumni Association membership for one year immediately following the month they graduated.
How many alumni am I likely to meet? 
We can't give an exact number because it all depends on you!! The Student Alumni Association (SAA) provides numerous opportunities from Pioneer Sessions, to special and limited member only events for SAA members to interact with alumni throughout the school year. If you attend the Pioneer Sessions, you can expect to meet at least one alumni per session. 
Can I put my Student Alumni Association membership on my resume?
Absolutely! We recommend you place your affiliation under a student organizations/involvement section of your resume instead of listing it under your job/career experience. 
How can I be more involved?
There are several different ways you can become more involved with the Student Alumni Association! First, you can serve on one of our committees for event planning. If you are already doing that, we suggest running for one of our board positions during the next election! Serving on the SAA Board of Directors allows you to have more influence in the decision making process and implement positive changes that directly impact the organization.