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Mountaineers Helping Mountaineers

Judy, a WVU junior majoring in political science, competed with top students nationwide to win a plum internship in Washington, DC. This was her chance to set herself up for post-graduation. However, she had a problem. The internship didn’t pay enough for her to live in the DC metro area. What did she do? She reached out to the Alumni Association for ideas. We sent a note to our alumni and problem solved. Malene, an alumna in Arlington, VA, offered her a place to stay for the summer. Judy not only completed her internship but went on to be hired into her dream job by her internship agency. That’s one example of how Mountaineers help Mountaineers.

John, a 1994 graduate, and his family watched the news with desperation last fall as Hurricane Harvey crept toward Houston. They’d been through hurricanes before, but never one with the devastation Harvey would inflict. As Harvey stalled over Houston and the water rose ever so close to their home, it was clear they’d have to evacuate. Moving what they could to the upper floors and packing the car with as much as they possibly could, John and his family left their home not fully understanding the total devastation that would come. Twenty-five other Mountaineer families experienced similar circumstances. But they were not alone in rebuilding, Heather and Chris, the Houston Alumni Chapter leads, activated the Mountaineer network collecting food, clothing, finding shelter, and organizing work crews to help these families out. Some of the families impacted still have not been able to return to their homes, but our alumni have continued to do what they can to help over the past 8 months. Another example of Mountaineers helping Mountaineers.

Dan, a 1998 graduate, grew up working in his father’s NJ deli and found his way to Colorado after graduation to work and learn about the supply side of the business. His dream was to eventually create a deli/brewery where he could bring together the best NJ sandwiches with Colorado craft beer. He invested in a dilapidated building and over the last two-years alumni members of the Rocky Mountain Chapter volunteered to help him completely renovate the building. When he needed a shipping container for storage, Bill, our chapter lead reached out to a fellow Mountaineer in the UK who runs a shipping business. Within weeks one was delivered at a discounted price. It’s been a long road, but last month the Grateful Gnome opened for business and Dan’s dream is realized. Are you beginning to see a trend? That’s right, Mountaineers helping Mountaineers.

I could go on and on with amazing stories of Mountaineers helping Mountaineers. The stories are endless and heartening. As alumni and friends of WVU, we are part of a unique community—one that shares a passion, dedication, and loyalty to West Virginia and each other. It’s ingrained in our character.

Membership in the WVU Alumni Association is the primary means by which we’re able to build the programs necessary to help foster connections throughout the state, nation, and world. It provides the funding we need to develop our global presence through local chapters and interest groups. It’s how we’re able to build, our on-line networking, mentoring, and jobs board for all Mountaineers. It’s how we’ve been able to co-host more than 1,150 on- and off-campus activities year to date, bringing alumni and friends together for education programs, advocacy initiatives, athletic events, and more.

If you are currently a member, thank you for your support. We would not be able to provide the valuable services and programs that our alumni expect and have come to depend on year after year.

If you’re not a member, I ask you to consider joining. As a member, you’ll unlock an incredible number of benefits including discounts at over 300,000 retail stores nationwide, access to WVU libraries, invitations to special events, member-only discounts at our online Alumni Store, and a whole lot more. You’ll also empower us to continue to develop programs and services that help Mountaineers everywhere no matter where they are in life’s journey.

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Sean, ‘89