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Connection is the New Currency

Difficult times have a way of bringing people together, sometimes in unexpected ways. Yes, getting through them is hard, it’s uncomfortable, and sometimes can result in tragedy. However, without exception, the strongest and most effective teams I’ve been part of all had a shared experience of getting through a crisis.

As I reflect on those difficult times, the common theme was selflessness. Each person worried more about their teammates than themselves. There was always someone else to lift you up on a bad day, watch your six, or simply give you a word of encouragement.

For the last three weeks we’ve been hearing from WVU alumni. Some are okay, some have lost their jobs, some have closed their businesses, some have laid off their workforce, everybody is worried.

We’ve also talked to some of our 2020 graduates. They’re all worried. With unemployment growing at a rapid pace many are worried their job offers will be rescinded. Many have yet to secure a job and wonder what the job market will look like this summer. Nobody is comfortable.

So, let’s pull Mountaineer Nation together and see what we can do to help each other. Consider joining WVU Connect, our virtual networking platform. We’ve upgraded the platform over the last three weeks and designed it to be a place for Mountaineers to help Mountaineers. And, it’s FREE!

  • Do you own a business? If so, we’ve launched a business directory. Let’s find every Mountaineer-owned business across the nation and list them. If you’re in Charlotte, NC and need a plumber, let’s find a Mountaineer who owns a plumbing business and hire them!
  • Are you hiring? We have a jobs board. You can list your position on WVU Connect and hire a Mountaineer.
  • Are you wondering what’s happening in your industry? WVU Connect is the place to find other alums in your industry and connect to them.
  • Do you need inspiration? Join a discussion in the main discussion group, find a group of people who share your interests or build one!

The WVU Alumni Association is here to build communities and connection for those who love West Virginia. We’re looking for ways to help our alumni and West Virginians through this crisis and beyond. We are all sharing in this crisis, let’s use it to bring us closer together. It takes a village, as they say. Become part of the virtual Mountaineer Village! Mountaineers helping Mountaineers!

Join WVU Connect now and look for a way to help. Just go to and log in. I look forward to seeing you online!

Let’s Go!
Sean, '89