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Introducing the WVU Alumni Webinar Series

As our digital transformation continues in response to COVID-19, we’re excited to announce that the Alumni Association Webinar Series will be launching on Wednesday, August 12th!

We have national authors and speakers, WVU faculty, staff and deans, and expert alumni in a variety of disciplines who will be participating to bring their ideas, expertise, and research right to you. I think you’re going to be very impressed.

We’ll be focusing our content in four areas: Our Mountaineer Alliance Business sessions will include professional development, networking, entrepreneurial activity and more. The Campus Check-In series will provide you an opportunity to meet our new deans, learn about innovative programs, catch up on research and development and hear the latest from President Gee. For those of you looking to learn new skills, you’ll want to check out our Lifelong Learning series; these episodes will feature everything from learning new dishes from top chefs to power yoga classes or financial literacy tricks. Finally, in our members-only Master Classes you’ll get a chance to learn from top scholars about WV History, the U.S. Presidents, our political system and many other noteworthy topics.

Don’t wait another minute to sign up for one of our free webinars. Click here and check it out! See you online next week!

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