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To Mountaineers

To my fellow alumni and friends,

With a caring heart and an unwavering vision for the future, I write today to share that this season will be my last as the President and CEO of the WVU Alumni Association. As we all know so well, Mountaineers Go First, and with the organization well positioned for a bright future, there is no better time for me to step aside as we elevate a new leader to carry the WVU Alumni Association to inordinate success in 2021 and beyond.

Since the WVU Alumni Association was founded in 1873, we have been finding new ways to provide lifelong support by creating connections and community for people who love West Virginia University; I assure you that this mission will remain steadfast.

If you had told me in 1985, when I first stepped foot on WVU’s campus, that I would one day have the honor of serving as the President and CEO of the WVU Alumni Association, I would have never believed it. And it is in this spirit of gratitude that I offer you my deepest words of appreciation for supporting me in this role for the past five years. For welcoming me into your cities and homes, for sharing your fondest WVU memories, for offering thoughtful feedback, for reaching out to reconnect with your alma mater, for making gifts to sustain our operation, and for believing in me as a fellow Mountaineer – thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

As for me, I still have lots of dreams to pursue as I find myself applying my West Virginia University education in a new way each day. Those who know me know that I do not like to sit idle; I will be shifting my focus towards economic development in the state. My role with the WVU Alumni Association has reignited my passion for the future of West Virginia and its people; I’m eager to lean on the alumni network and my years of experience in engineering, and research and development for the U.S. Military as I work to bring more industry to WV.

There are simply no words to express the gratefulness I feel for the privilege it has been to hold this title for the past five years; this team, and the alumni I have connected with over the years, will always hold a special place. That I have gotten to spend time with people so spectacularly talented and deeply committed to West Virginia University is a blessing I will never take for granted.

While I will always be a resource and friend to anyone who calls WVU their home, when I leave office on June 30, 2021 I know that I will ultimately be leaving the WVU Alumni Association in good hands. As the board of directors contemplates next steps, Kevin Berry and the senior Alumni Association staff will assist in the daily management of the Association and will serve as impeccable representations of WVU’s core values.

Kindest regards,
Sean Frisbee '89