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Life in the Buckskins

Happy New Year, Mountaineers! Like all of you, we’re pleased to say goodbye to 2020 and looking forward to 2021.

I hope you’ve had a chance to check out the webinar series we launched last summer. They have been quite popular, and we have a fantastic selection planned for 2021. We will continue to highlight people and programs on campus, expand our professional development and business networking webinars, and this week, we are launching our next Masterminds series called, “Life in the Buckskins.”

Our Mountaineer Masterminds series are for members only, and this semester we will be bringing you an inside look at life as the Mountaineer Mascot.

The first episode will highlight our current Mountaineer, Colson Glover. Colson is the 67th Mountaineer and a junior majoring in neuroscience. You’ll hear some of Colson’s unique challenges during 2020 and some fascinating history regarding his desire to serve as our Mountaineer.

In the second episode, you’ll get an inside perspective from our first female Mountaineer, Natalie Tennant (’90), as well as one of our most popular Mountaineers, Mathew Zervos (’86). From Natalie and Mathew, you’ll learn some of the old and new traditions and how their service as ambassadors for WVU never ended once they became Mountaineer.

Our third episode will include Derek Fincham (’04, ’05) and Rock Wilson (’91, ‘92,’ 93). Rock is only one of two Mountaineers who served three consecutive years. In this episode, you’ll learn first-hand the challenges of serving as the Mountaineer Mascot for multiple years, as well as how things change from one decade to the next.

To prepare yourself for this series, please visit our Mountaineer Mascot traditions page by clicking here. If you wish to register for our Life in the Buckskins series or any of our other webinars, please click here.

A special thanks to our members for your generous contributions. Through your support, we’re able to provide programs such as our virtual webinar series, our virtual networking platform WVU Connect, this newsletter, and much more.

I wish you the very best for 2021!

Let’s Go!
Sean, ’89