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When Mountaineers Help Other Mountaineers

Each day, I am humbled by the stunning generosity of Mountaineers around the globe. 

On Wednesday, March 3rd, West Virginia University will host its annual Day of Giving. For one day, and only one day, our community will rise to the challenge to raise funds for our University’s future. In only 24 hours, we’re going to lay the groundwork to tackle our most significant obstacles head-on.

By making a contribution on the Day of Giving, you can directly support the University’s greatest priorities and opportunities, as well as the critical needs of your favorite school, college, department, or even the WVU Alumni Association, which you can designate during the donation process.

Here at the WVU Alumni Association, your gift can provide alumni with the opportunity to boost their professional development, give back to their communities, strengthen our state, and most of all—connect with fellow Mountaineers like yourself. Each gift you make, no matter the amount, helps the WVU Alumni Association enhance its programs and scholarships offered to future students, current graduates, and alumni worldwide. 

You might be asking yourself, “Which programs have the Alumni Association designed to help me?” One such program is our virtual networking platform called WVU Connect. This online system is designed to help our alumni network, find jobs, advertise their businesses, and provide mentorship to current students and graduates. 

Perhaps, our Mountaineer Webinar Series will help you. When the COVID shutdown began, we launched this series to provide life-long learning, updates on campus, and other exciting content for Mountaineers of all ages and in all geographic locations. Thousands of alumni have taken advantage of this free resource.

Possibly, participating in our events in Morgantown and at WVU Alumni Chapters around the globe will help you. This year, as things open up, we’ll once again be hosting events of all kinds to help kindle relationships, honor our alumni, and provide critically needed community support. 

Whatever your need, we’re here to help, and we can only provide this support through the generous contributions of our alumni. I ask you today to consider a contribution to the alumni association on the Day of Giving. 

If every Mountaineer donated even a small amount to the WVU Day of Giving fund, we could pave the way for the future of the WVU Alumni Association and enhance the lives of our 200,000 graduates, including yourself.

Learn more about our Day of Giving at and join us on March 3rd.

Let’s Go!
Sean '89