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Welcoming the Class of 2021

CEO Sean Frisbee as a student at WVU

Here I am beside the Mountaineer statue as a brand new 2d Lt alongside 2d Lt Stuart Brown on May 14th, 1989. We're both now retired Colonels.

It’s commencement time! Just four years ago I was writing to tell you how excited I was for my son to enter WVU as a freshman and now I’m a proud dad eagerly awaiting his crossing of the stage. It seems like yesterday that I was making that same walk with President Bucklew handing me my diploma.

I’ve seen, once again, the hard work and commitment our students apply to their time of study. This past year it’s been particularly difficult for our students as they’ve navigated situations that we've never experienced before. The pandemic created obstacles most of us can’t imagine, yet our graduates endured, and I’m thrilled to see them succeed through these difficult times.

Thankfully, we’ll have a proper ceremony this year. It’ll be in the stadium, rain or shine, and our students will be able to cross the stage with family and friends rooting them on. I can already hear the clicks of the camera shutters as loved ones capture life-long memories.

I hope this time of year brings back memories of your commencement. Our years at WVU are so very special and there is nothing like commencement to bring them all in clear focus.

Best Wishes and Let’s go Class of 2021!

Sean, ‘89