From Down the Hall: August 2021

(I’m sure you're wondering about the significance of From Down the Hall. It harkens back to my early days at the WVU Alumni Association when the Erickson Alumni Center was in what is now the West Virginia University Museum Education Center. As you entered the facility, there was a long hallway. At the end was the office of Executive Director Steve Douglas. Each quarter, a message was included in our printed newsletter that was authored from down the hall. It is with a full heart that I reintroduce you to From Down the Hall. I hope you enjoy it! ~ Kevin)

Like most organizations, the last year and a half has allowed us to re-examine how to position the WVU Alumni Association for future success. We have learned a lot during these challenging and sometimes unnerving times. In my humble opinion, no lesson was greater for me than understanding the value of being a part of a strong community.

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