From Down the Hall: September 2021

Nothing brings more excitement to campus than the return of our students at the beginning of each semester. Each WVU student has their own story for why they chose to make this their home among the hills for their college years. Often, we hear that students chose WVU because it’s where their parents and grandparents went to school. Some students find their way here because of the great work of our team in Undergraduate Admissions. By building relationships with prospective students and their families, they are able to demonstrate that the sky's the limit for our students by creating a path for their field of study, extracurricular in volvement, research, and life on campus. Others find their way to WVU because of the vital scholarships offered through the WVU Alumni Association and our chapters around the country. These scholarships help bring the idea of attending WVU to reality.

The Loyalty Permanent Endowment Fund (LPEF) of the WVU Alumni Association has provided financial assistance to more than 4,000 students over the past 70 years. This year alone, total LPEF awards will approach $600,000. Because of this and other scholarships, students are able to fulfill their dreams through the transformative power of a WVU education. These scholarships would not be possible without the help of alumni around the country who support our mission through their generosity, volunteerism and by becoming members.

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