From Down the Hall: January 2022

As we welcome students back to a snowy campus this week, it’s easy to feel the excitement and anticipation of a new semester. Our team at The Erickson Alumni Center is fortunate to experience that excitement firsthand as we interact with Loyalty Permanent Endowment Fund (LPEF) scholarship recipients. Those interactions allow for the opportunity to talk with them about their goals and aspirations. Based on those conversations, it is more apparent now than ever, that scholarship contributions are making a difference in the lives of our beloved University and its student body.

For some of our students, scholarship funds help to cover the cost of their books and tuition during their time at WVU. For others, it may contribute to things like childcare, technology, and other living expenses necessary for student success. Often, the impact of a scholarship allows for more time to focus on the academic and extra-curricular pursuits of their college experience, encouraging learning and growth inside and outside of the classroom

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