From Down the Hall: July 2021

(I’m sure you’re wondering about the significance of From Down the Hall. It harkens back to my early days at the WVU Alumni Association, when the Erickson Alumni Center was in what’s now the West Virginia University Museum Education Center. As you entered the facility, there was a long hallway and at the very end was the office of the Executive Director, Steve Douglas. Each quarter, our printed newsletter included a message that was authored “from down the hall”. It is with a full heart that I reintroduce you to From Down the Hall. I hope you enjoy! ~ Kevin)

There are few things better than gathering with fellow Mountaineers to share stories and celebrate our pride for West Virginia University.  After an impossibly long year of limited in-person activities, I am beyond excited that many of our chapters and interest groups are safely gathering in cities across the country and beyond to celebrate WVU once again!

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A Letter to the Next President & CEO

Dear 9th President & CEO of the WVU Alumni Association,

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Welcoming the Class of 2021

CEO Sean Frisbee as a student at WVU

Here I am beside the Mountaineer statue as a brand new 2d Lt alongside 2d Lt Stuart Brown on May 14th, 1989. We're both now retired Colonels.

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Alumni Recruiting Future Mountaineers

WVU Alumni Sign surrounded by colorful spring tulips

A childhood friend of mine contacted me last night to gain an insider’s view of WVU as her son makes his decision on which institution he will attend this fall. COVID has made it particularly challenging for high school students to choose their school because there are fewer opportunities for in-person visits to campuses.

Thankfully, our alumni have stepped up this past year to help fill in the gaps and show the beauty of our university! Our Old Gold, New Blue program, led by Ally Cannon, is the place for alumni to help us in the recruiting process. Some of our alumni write postcards to potential students, others discuss their experiences at WVU on the phone, and when it’s safe to travel, participate in recruiting days around the country.

I’ve heard from many students that they chose WVU after talking to an alum or receiving a postcard. The passion, excitement and sheer joy our alumni exhibit when talking about their alma mater is contagious. If you’re one of our Old Gold, New Blue recruiters, thank you for your dedication to WVU. It’s making a massive difference!

If you are interested in participating in the Old Gold, New Blue program, please be sure to join WVU Connect today and keep your volunteer preferences up to date. We can use your help!

As we transition to Spring, we get to watch the trees, flowers and birds burst into action around campus. I hope each of you experience a rebirth of your own as we emerge from this pandemic stronger and resume our lives.

Let’s Go!

Sean, ‘89
Life Member

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When Mountaineers Help Other Mountaineers

Each day, I am humbled by the stunning generosity of Mountaineers around the globe. 

On Wednesday, March 3rd, West Virginia University will host its annual Day of Giving. For one day, and only one day, our community will rise to the challenge to raise funds for our University’s future. In only 24 hours, we’re going to lay the groundwork to tackle our most significant obstacles head-on.

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Life in the Buckskins

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To Mountaineers

To my fellow alumni and friends,

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Thankful for You

As we approach the Thanksgiving holiday, I’ve been reflecting on this past year and the hardships and angst felt by everyone. Loss of jobs, isolation, bitter political debates, and constant worry about our family and friends’ health and welfare is enough to push anyone to the edge.

This year, however, has also made me highly aware of what I have to be thankful for, and it’s really the simple things of life. Breaking bread with my friends, a Monday morning conversation with my teammates about the recent Mountaineer game, a summer cookout with my family, in-person meetings, an impromptu happy hour with my neighbors on my front porch. I could go on and on, and I’m sure you’re missing many of the same.

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Stronger Together

In the age of social distancing and mask wearing, it can be difficult to remember that you’re not alone in the global struggle against COVID-19. As I said way back in April, connection is the new currency, which is why the Alumni Association is doing all that it can to bring Mountaineers together in a safe and uplifting way.

Whether you’re looking for an opportunity to work on professional development, learn new skills, or you’re simply trying to stay ‘in the know’, the Alumni Association has something for you. Consider checking out our recently launched Alumni Association Webinar Series where you can hear from key WVU staff and partners from varying disciplines this month.

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Give Us Feedback

WVU is up and running again! We successfully welcomed students back to campus and classes are underway. It’s been wonderful to see our administration, faculty, and staff come together this summer and navigate the challenges of COVID, making it possible for our students to return safely. By and large, the students have been following the COVID rules as well. Everyone is working hard to keep the community safe and healthy, and we are keeping our fingers crossed for a full football season!

As we continue to serve our alumni, we’ve been busy launching our new webinar series, expanding our outreach, and planning for the future. To do so, we launched a survey to solicit feedback from our alumni about how we can better provide more value for those who have left WVU. The response has been fantastic!

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