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Jeff Hertrick

Jeff Hertrick talks about his journey from WVU to National Geographic and the importance of journalism in today's society.

Director of Digital Video Operations at National Geographic

“Journalism, now more than ever, is so important. Journalism is seeking the truth, and we need as many people as we can to seek the truth”

Jeff Hertrick was born a self-proclaimed “news junkie.” Although he started as a horticulture major at West Virginia University (and still loves to garden), it didn’t take him long to find that his true passion was in journalism. After graduating from the WVU P.I. Reed School of Journalism, Hertrick made his way around the east coast as the friendly reporter or evening news anchor in your hometown. From WCLG Radio in Morgantown to Savannah, Georgia up to Harrisburg, PA and a few other stops in between Jeff covered it all. Local Mountaineers may remember ending the night with Hertrick on WBOY’s 11 o’clock news for several years.

Though there have been many stops along the way, one thing is clear. The state of West Virginia holds a special place in Hertrick’s heart. These days, he still resides in the Mountain State even though he now works in Washington, D.C. at the National Geographic Headquarters.

At Nat Geo Jeff has held many roles in his 16 years, producing videos, providing voiceovers, and directing content. At one point or other you have probably heard his voice when watching a short documentary about a Mongoose standing up to a Cobra, or learning about the Pacific Barreleye Fish, known for its transparent head.

Today, Hertrick is the Director of Digital Video Operations at National Geographic and loves his work because he can go home and feel proud of the company’s contributions.

“National Geographic is a great place to work because in 16 years I can go home every day and feel pretty good about what I have helped contribute to. We rely on factual information, we want to get the story right. We’re helping to educate people about what happens to our Earth.”