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The WVU Alumni Association has served graduates and friends of West Virginia University since 1873. We create connection and community for people who love West Virginia University.

Who We Are

The West Virginia University Alumni Association is both the sage and scribe of alumni moments, and a facilitator of connections that span the globe among our community of Mountaineers.

Our Alumni Association members are the heartbeat of our organization, supporting programs and activities such as Homecoming, the WVU Academy of Distinguished Alumni, and numerous social and philanthropic initiatives that embody the spirit of WVU. As stewards of our collective memories, we celebrate milestones and achievements that shape our Mountaineer journey.

Moreover, our network extends far beyond campus borders, with over 70 chapters and interest groups fostering camaraderie, supporting student scholarships, engaging in community service, advocating for the University, and offering invaluable career networking and mentorship opportunities.

The Erickson Alumni Center, inaugurated in October 2008, stands as a testament to our enduring connection. This 48,000 sq. ft. haven serves as a home away from home, inviting alumni and friends to relive cherished moments, peruse our alumni library, and bask in the beauty of campus, embodying the enduring bond of our Mountaineer family.

Featured Pages

Annual Report

The WVU Alumni Association Annual Report is a vibrant reflection of the moments and celebrations that shaped our year.

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Board of Directors

Discover the team of alumni and leaders helping to guide WVU Alumni Association's impactful initiatives through our Board of Directors.

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Meet Our Team

Meet the dedicated and passionate team driving the WVU Alumni Association's mission forward with expertise, enthusiasm, and a shared commitment to our Mountaineer community.

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Diversity and Inclusion

The WVU Alumni Association is deeply committed to fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion across all aspects of our programs, initiatives, and engagement efforts.

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Contact Us

Connect with us to stay updated on the latest news, events, and opportunities to engage with the WVU Alumni Association and fellow Mountaineers.

Read More: Contact Us

How is the Alumni Association Different?

The WVU Alumni Association is different from other campus organizations in several ways:

Legacy of Connection

With over 150 years of history, the Association has deep roots in the Mountaineer community, fostering enduring connections among alumni worldwide. By joining the WVU Alumni Association, members gain access to more resources that strengthen their connection to their alma mater.

Extensive Outreach

Through a vast network of chapters and interest groups, the Association extends its reach , creating opportunities for engagement and support no matter where alumni are located.

Comprehensive Support

From career networking and mentoring to social and philanthropic programs, the Association offers a wide range of services to support alumni throughout their lives.

Celebration of Moments

As the facilitator of Mountaineer moments, the Alumni Association captures and celebrates milestones, achievements, and shared experiences that define the WVU journey.

Erickson Alumni Center

The Erickson Alumni Center serves as the Home for Mountaineers, providing a physical space for alumni to connect, reminisce, and engage with the University and fellow grads.

Advocacy and Impact

The Association plays a vital role in advocating for WVU and its alumni, making a meaningful impact on the University's growth and success.

The WVU Alumni Association is a tangible presence in the alumni experience, weaving together our cherished heritage, expansive global connections, steadfast support, joyful celebrations of shared moments, and passionate advocacy for our alma mater. These elements intertwine to create a dynamic foundation of Mountaineer pride, making the WVU Alumni Association an essential and enduring part of every Mountaineer's journey.

Mission and Vision


The WVU Alumni Association provides life-long support of our alumni and friends and serves the interests of West Virginia University.


We create connection and community for people who love West Virginia University.

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