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Brand Guidelines


The West Virginia University identity represents us at the most basic — and simultaneously critical — levels. It is a signature, a stamp of quality and a symbol of pride for all Mountaineers — past, present and future — to rally around. By following a few simple guidelines, we can ensure it remains consistent and unmistakably WVU.

Primary Color Palette

Instantly recognizable as West Virginia University, our core colors should dominate all communications.

PMS 124 C

CMYK 0, 30, 100, 5
RGB 234, 170, 0

PMS 295 C

CMYK 100, 69, 8, 54
RGB0, 40, 85

Primary Alumni Wordmark

The primary Alumni wordmark consists of two elements, the Flying WV logo mark and the Alumni signature. It should be used in most instances for non-specific chapter use.

Alumni primary wordmark

Clear Space

Maintaining ample clear space around the wordmark ensures that it remains legible and doesn’t get lost within the composition. Try to keep a proportional amount of clear space, as shown, when using logos and marks.

Alumni logo showing whitespace
Use the width of the capital “W” as a measuring tool for proper clearance.

Alumni Chapter Lockup

Chapter lockups should be used for chapter-specific communications (business cards, letterhead, signage, etc.).

Alumni chapter wordmark example


Because our marks appear across an endless range of communications, we need to maintain a visual standard of how they appear. Do not alter or change any visual elements of any official WVU marks. This includes stretching and skewing without keeping the original design's proportions. Also, using unofficial colors or color-combinations and adding shadows or other visual effects is not allowed. And remember to keep marks as large and legible as necessary to be easily read. Adhering to these simple rules will continue to ensure that our logotype is recognizable to all audiences.

Alumni Chapter Spirit Mark

Chapter-specific "spirit marks" and "mini-spirit marks" may be used on signage and product as an alternative to the chapter lockup.

Alumni spirit mark example
Spirit Mark
Spirit mark mini example
Spirit Mark Mini

When using mini-spirit marks the chapter name needs to be included.

Registration for Product

Be sure to use the proper trademark designation on your "spirt marks" on all product. The ® should be used alongside "WVU" or "West Virginia University."

Wordmark Color Combinations

Alumni wordmark two-color
Two-color lockup

Download: Two-color lockup

Alumni wordmark one-color
One-color lockup

Download: One-color lockup

Alumni wordmark two-color dark background
Two-color lockup on dark background

Download: Two-color lockup on dark background

Alumni wordmark one-color gold background
One-color lockup on gold background

Download: One-color lockup on gold background

Alumni wordmark two-color light background
Two-color lockup on light-background

Download: Two-color lockup on light-background

Alumni wordmark one-color light background
One-color lockup on light background

Download: One-color lockup on light background

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