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All ’EERS Podcast

Alumni reflect on the moments that defined their Mountaineer journey.

Episode 15

Julie Winegard

Associate Art Director at Columbia University

In this episode of ALL 'EERS we talk to Julie Winegard, a New York City based designer and Illustrator who is currently the Associate Art Director at Columbia University.

Past Episodes

Episode 14

Gary Quinn

VP of Programming at NBC Sports

In this episode, Gary talks about how a friendly carpenter at NBC helped him land an internship with the company, why he’s stayed at NBC throughout his entire career, and how his Aunt changed his life by convincing him to attend WVU.

Episode 13

Jessica McGee

Assistant Director of Communications - NCAA Studios

Jessica received her degree in journalism from WVU and is now the Assistant Director of Communications - NCAA Studios. In this conversation, Jessica talks about her favorite stories she has worked on while at the NCAA, what life was like commuting to WVU as a student, and why she ended up choosing to attend WVU in the first place.

Episode 12

Eric Shipley

14ers Mountain Climber

After graduating from West Virginia University, Eric's love for adventure led him to Colorado. In this conversation, Eric talks about his experience as a student at WVU, why he decided to climb each of the 14,000 foot Mountains in Colorado, also known as the 14ers, and how the Rocky Mountain Alumni Chapter has played an important role in his life.

Episode 11

Morgan Farr

Graphics Producer for Turner Sports

As a Graphics Producer for Turner Sports, Morgan Farr works for NBA TV as well as NBA on TNT. In this episode, we talk about what it's like to travel all over the country, produce content for NBA games, and why you need to be open to every opportunity that comes your way.

Episode 10

Mike Ploger

Washington Nationals In-Game Host

In this episode of ALL 'EERS we sit down with Mike Ploger, he’s the In-Game host for the Washington Nationals, and in this conversation we talk about working in Major League Baseball and the best ways to find a job in the sports entertainment industry.

Episode 9

Zack Hill

Senior Director of Communications for the Philadelphia Flyers

As Senior Director of Communications for the Philadelphia flyers, Zack Hill tells us:

  • How his career started at the 76ers (1:40)
  • His Thanksgiving story with Charles Barkley (4:43)
  • How Zack made a positive impression on the 76ers GM as an intern (21:15)
  • Advice to current students and alumni on how to break into the sports industry (22:30)

You can reach out to Zack at

Episode 8

Bill Treasurer & John Havlik

The Leadership Killer

On episode 8 of ALL 'EERS, Former Captain of the US High Diving team, Bill Treasurer, and Retired Navy SEAL, John Havlik, talk about the ways arrogance interferes in leadership.

Episode 7

Jay Cipriani

A Hollywood Screenwriter

On episode 7 of ALL 'EERS, screenwriter Jay Cipriani talks about everything from working with Larry David on Curb Your Enthusiasm to living in C-Entry of Boreman Hall at West Virginia University.

Episode 6

Rhonda Radcliff

Distributor Advisor at Exxon Mobil

On Episode 6 of ALL 'EERS we're joined by Rhonda Radcliff, Distributor Advisor at Exxon Mobil. Rhonda has been with Exxon for over 29 years, and in this conversation, we talk about the importance of mentoring young women, what life is like as an employee of Exxon Mobil, and how she was able to balance engineering courses at WVU while she was an RA at Dadisman Hall.

Episode 5

Pascha Adamo

In this episode of ALL 'EERS we talk to Pascha Adamo about her new children's series "CeCe & Roxy" and why she decided to begin writing for kids. To learn more about Pascha and her books visit:

Episode 4

Lt. Jim Downing

Pearl Harbor Survivor

*This podcast contains content that some may find graphic in nature.

Many of you may remember that last year, the WVU Alumni Association honored Lieutenant Jim Downing, then the second oldest Pearl Harbor Survivor, in a special ceremony in front of the mast of the USS West Virginia and on Mountaineer Field during the Veterans Day football game. Lieutenant Downing passed away at the age of 104 in February of this year, but in the few short days that he was with us in Morgantown, he made an unbelievable impact on our faculty and students. During that time, Lieutenant Downing sat down for a special interview with several veterans, hosted by President and CEO of the WVU Alumni Association, Colonel Sean Frisbee.

In this Episode of ALL 'EERS we listen in on that conversation and learn about the attacks on Pearl Harbor first-hand. Lieutenant Downing talks about his childhood, his first days in the military, his family and of course, his account of December 7th 1941. A short word of warning, some of Lieutenant Downing’s stories do become graphic as he discusses the details of the attack and its aftermath. He finishes the interview by talking about the future of our nation and the importance of keeping America safe and strong.

As we approach the 77th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor please enjoy our conversation with Lieutenant Jim Downing.

Episode 3

Paige Lavender

Huff Post

Our third guest is Paige Lavender, Senior Editor of Breaking News at Huffpost. Paige comes to Huffpost with years of experience in media and reporting and in this conversation, we cover everything from growing up in West Virginia, to the importance of having a mentor, to having to miss Mountaineer Football games in order to earn a master’s degree...there must be a better way.

Episode 2

Adam Prather

Vox Media

Our Second Guest is Adam Prather, Director of Corporate and Policy Partnerships at Vox Media, a modern media company that is changing the way we think about journalism and entertainment. Adam comes to Vox with years of experience in advertising and branding and in this conversation, we cover everything from living in Washington DC, to the importance of Networking, to Adam’s continued loved for all-things West Virginia.

Episode 1

Stacy Shaw

Virgin Voyages

Our first guest is Stacy Shaw, Vice President of Sales and Business Development for Virgin Voyages, a brand-new arm of the Virgin Group that has set sail on revolutionizing the cruise industry. Stacy comes to Virgin with years of experience in tourism and in this conversation, we cover everything from the creation of Virgin Voyages, to what led Stacy to Morgantown. Even advice to young alumni and fellow Mountaineers.

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