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Academy of Distinguished Alumni

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The Academy of Distinguished Alumni honors West Virginia University graduates who have attained national or international distinction in their profession or discipline. The award has been established by the West Virginia University Alumni Association in cooperation with the University’s 14 schools and colleges.

Since 1988, this prestigious award has been bestowed on nearly 100 West Virginia University alumni, including Jerry West, Katherine Johnson, David Selby, Dr. Nancy Nielsen, Rod “Hot Rod” Hundley, Sam Huff and Gen. (Ret.) Robert H. Foglesong.

2023 Inductees

Grid of photos showing 2023 inductees

Learn about the 2023 ADA Inductees

How are inductees selected?

Inductees are nominated by the general membership of the Alumni Association or their respective schools or colleges. Information on the honorees is permanently displayed in The Erickson Alumni Center . To be considered for this prestigious recognition, nominees must hold a degree from West Virginia University; he/she should be recognized in his/her profession at the national or international level; and he/she cannot be present WVU, WVU Alumni Association, or WVU Foundation, Inc. employees. (However, this would not necessarily exclude members of the Board of Governors, Foundation Board, etc.).

WVU Alumni Association membership/support, WVU support, WVUFoundation, Inc. support or monetary support to any of these three are not limiting factors for nomination.

How can I nominate an alumnus/a?

Anyone can submit a nomination for this award by completing the online form. Nominations for the 2025 Academy of Distinguished Alumni should be submitted by August 31, 2024. Nominations can be submitted at any time throughout the year for consideration the following year. Inductees are selected annually in the Fall for recognition in a Spring ceremony.

Nominations are accepted on a rolling basis. Nominations received after the above deadline will be rolled into the following year’s nomination cycle.

Nominate a Candidate

Academy Inductees

  • 2023

    Alma Angotti
    Dr. Carolyn Bailey Lewis
  • 2020

    Karen Evans
    Dr. John Spiker
    Douglas Van Scoy
    Rear Adm. Glenn E. Whisler
  • 2019

    Barbara Sayre Casey
    Nancy Davenport
    Fred Tattersall
    Maj. Gen. Richard W. Thomas
  • 2018

    J. Keith Bowers
    Michael Flowers
    Albert Lewis
    Oliver Luck
    Alan Zuccari
  • 2017

    Dr. Linda Carson
    Dr. George Fahey
    Katherine Johnson
    William Bayless
  • 2016

    Jerome Black
    Robert Corsi, Jr.
    Dr. William Neal
  • 2015

    Judith Hayes
    Thomas Menighan
    Rustin Moore
    James Valenti
  • 2014

    Vicente Anido, Jr.
    Gopala Krishna
    Bernadette M. Melnyk
    Joseph P. Steranka
  • 2013

    Kyung Won (K.W.) Lee
    Joel G. Newman
    Rouzbeh Yassini-Fard
  • 2012

    Don Brodie
    Chuck Howley
    Robert McNabb
  • 2011

    Al Zamil Family
    Benjamin M. Statler
    Kimberly A. Weaver
  • 2010

    George Bennett
    Addison Fischer
    Don Knotts
  • 2009

    Nancy Nielsen
    Gregory Babe
    Scott Widmeyer
  • 2008

    General Bantz J. John Craddock
    B. Thomas Hutchinson
  • 2007

    Patrice A. Harris
    Peter J. Kalis
  • 2006

    Frank Cerminara
    Thomas L. Harrison
    Marshall S. Miller
  • 2005

    James J. Caveney
    Rodney C. "Hot Rod" Hundley
    Earl G. Ken Kendrick, Jr.
    Verl O. Purdy
  • 2004

    Edward O. Buckbee
    Charles H. Haden II
    Pamela Maphis Larrick
    Robert L. Reynolds
  • 2003

    Michael Ammar
    Jennie C. Hunter-Cevera
    Rodney K. Thorn
  • 2002

    Joseph Simpson Farland
    Stuart M. Robbins
    Ivan R. Schwab
    Loretta M. Ucelli
  • 2001

    A. Bray Cary
    Raymond G. Gillette, Jr.
    Diana J. Mason
  • 2000

    W. Robert Grafton
    Kenneth R. Wykle
    Alfred F. Ware
  • 1999

    Charles I. Homan
    Michele V. McNeill
    Winston L. Shelton
    David H. Whiston
  • 1998

    Robert H. Foglesong
    Kathy Quattrone
    Chris Sarandon
    Terry L. Wimmer
  • 1997

    W. Marston Becker
    Raymond J. Lane
    Cassandra L. Smith
  • 1996

    Charles S. Mahan
    J. Davitt McAteer
    Jayne Anne Phillips
    Jack Ward Thomas
  • 1995

    Larry J. Agiro
    Robert L. DeProspero
    James J. Fagan
    Kathleen M. Hawk
    Frances Lopinksy Horn
  • 1994

    Jay A. Chattaway
    Kenneth D. Gray
    H. Leo Mehl
    Fred A. Schaus
  • 1993

    Stephen Ailes
    Curtis H. Barnette
    C. Howard Hardesty
    Larry Schwab
    Thomas C. Spelsberg
  • 1992

    Stephen P. Coonts
    George J. Esper
    Richard T. Feller
    Lowell T. Harmison
    Vivien Perrine Woofter
  • 1991

    General Earl E. Anderson
    David Charles Fogarty
    William Leonhart
    Charles M. Vest
    Jerry West
  • 1990

    George B. Berry
    Emily R. Morey-Holton
    Maj. Gen. Thomas Ferguson
    Robert Sam Huff
    James D. McComas
  • 1989

    Dorothy J. Dotson
    Glen H. Hiner
    Paul A. Miller
    Louise McNeill Pease
    David Selby
  • 1988

    Joseph E. Antonini
    Albert E. Freeman
    Robert H. Quenon
    William E. Swales

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