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WVU Alumni Spotlight Videos

Curtis Scott

Global Head of Insurance | Uber


“My Uber’s here!”

This sentence has completely changed the way the world looks at getting from one place to another. Uber has simplified the way millions of people commute to work, travel to the airport and get home safely at night, all at the touch of a smartphone. However, making sure Uber works for everyone isn’t as simple as it may seem.

WVU graduate Curtis Scott shares his story on how he became the Head of Insurance for Uber, the leading innovator in ride sharing. Scott describes Uber as, “A company that makes an app that allows you to push a button and get a ride to where you want to go. It’s really transformative.” The challenge is in making sure that Uber is able to provide insurance wherever it’s being used, from Morgantown to San Francisco, where he now lives.  

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