From Down the Hall: November 2021

As the leaves in Morgantown begin to fall and we enter a season of gratitude, it’s easy to enjoy the beauty of our campus while reflecting on the incredible progress taking place here at West Virginia University.  While this season always seems to remind us of what we are most grateful for, I can genuinely share that I feel lucky year-round to be a part of the Mountaineer family, seeing first-hand the transformations occurring on-campus and beyond that are sure to have a lifelong impact on our students and alumni.

Soon, WVU will launch the very first Purpose Institute on any college campus, allowing alumni to explore and discover their passions and purpose. I can’t wait to see the impact this will have on Mountaineers of all ages as they reconnect with their individual purpose through newly awakened possibilities.

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From Down the Hall: October 2021

One of my favorite weekends in Morgantown has come to a close! What a weekend it was - thousands of alumni came back to Morgantown and celebrated everything we love about WVU. There was no shortage of things to do - from seeing all of the changes happening around campus, to the Homecoming Parade and football game against Texas Tech, it was a weekend filled with excitement. Our alumni are what make this University so special and it was great to see so many of you in Morgantown wearing your gold and blue.

If you attended the game on Saturday, then you got to see the WVU Alumni Association honor eight fantastic alumni who won the 2021 Homecoming and Alumni Service Awards. Each of the awards is unique, and all recipients embody what it means to be a Mountaineer. I encourage you to read about each winner and their connection to WVU here. I was fortunate enough to spend time with our recipients over the weekend and of course, I had to ask them about their favorite memories during their time at WVU. Their responses were all different but shared one common thread: there's no place on earth like WVU.

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From Down the Hall: September 2021

Nothing brings more excitement to campus than the return of our students at the beginning of each semester. Each WVU student has their own story for why they chose to make this their home among the hills for their college years. Often, we hear that students chose WVU because it’s where their parents and grandparents went to school. Some students find their way here because of the great work of our team in Undergraduate Admissions. By building relationships with prospective students and their families, they are able to demonstrate that the sky's the limit for our students by creating a path for their field of study, extracurricular involvement, research, and life on campus. Others find their way to WVU because of the vital scholarships offered through the WVU Alumni Association and our chapters around the country. These scholarships help bring the idea of attending WVU to reality.

The Loyalty Permanent Endowment Fund (LPEF) of the WVU Alumni Association has provided financial assistance to more than 4,000 students over the past 70 years. This year alone, total LPEF awards will approach $600,000. Because of this and other scholarships, students are able to fulfill their dreams through the transformative power of a WVU education. These scholarships would not be possible without the help of alumni around the country who support our mission through their generosity, volunteerism and by becoming members.

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From Down the Hall: August 2021

(I’m sure you're wondering about the significance of From Down the Hall. It harkens back to my early days at the WVU Alumni Association when the Erickson Alumni Center was in what is now the West Virginia University Museum Education Center. As you entered the facility, there was a long hallway. At the end was the office of Executive Director Steve Douglas. Each quarter, a message was included in our printed newsletter that was authored from down the hall. It is with a full heart that I reintroduce you to From Down the Hall. I hope you enjoy it! ~ Kevin)

Like most organizations, the last year and a half has allowed us to re-examine how to position the WVU Alumni Association for future success. We have learned a lot during these challenging and sometimes unnerving times. In my humble opinion, no lesson was greater for me than understanding the value of being a part of a strong community.

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From Down the Hall: July 2021

(I’m sure you’re wondering about the significance of From Down the Hall. It harkens back to my early days at the WVU Alumni Association, when the Erickson Alumni Center was in what’s now the West Virginia University Museum Education Center. As you entered the facility, there was a long hallway and at the very end was the office of the Executive Director, Steve Douglas. Each quarter, our printed newsletter included a message that was authored “from down the hall”. It is with a full heart that I reintroduce you to From Down the Hall. I hope you enjoy! ~ Kevin)

There are few things better than gathering with fellow Mountaineers to share stories and celebrate our pride for West Virginia University.  After an impossibly long year of limited in-person activities, I am beyond excited that many of our chapters and interest groups are safely gathering in cities across the country and beyond to celebrate WVU once again!

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A Letter to the Next President & CEO

Dear 9th President & CEO of the WVU Alumni Association,

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Welcoming the Class of 2021

CEO Sean Frisbee as a student at WVU

Here I am beside the Mountaineer statue as a brand new 2d Lt alongside 2d Lt Stuart Brown on May 14th, 1989. We're both now retired Colonels.

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Alumni Recruiting Future Mountaineers

WVU Alumni Sign surrounded by colorful spring tulips

A childhood friend of mine contacted me last night to gain an insider’s view of WVU as her son makes his decision on which institution he will attend this fall. COVID has made it particularly challenging for high school students to choose their school because there are fewer opportunities for in-person visits to campuses.

Thankfully, our alumni have stepped up this past year to help fill in the gaps and show the beauty of our university! Our Old Gold, New Blue program, led by Ally Cannon, is the place for alumni to help us in the recruiting process. Some of our alumni write postcards to potential students, others discuss their experiences at WVU on the phone, and when it’s safe to travel, participate in recruiting days around the country.

I’ve heard from many students that they chose WVU after talking to an alum or receiving a postcard. The passion, excitement and sheer joy our alumni exhibit when talking about their alma mater is contagious. If you’re one of our Old Gold, New Blue recruiters, thank you for your dedication to WVU. It’s making a massive difference!

If you are interested in participating in the Old Gold, New Blue program, please be sure to join WVU Connect today and keep your volunteer preferences up to date. We can use your help!

As we transition to Spring, we get to watch the trees, flowers and birds burst into action around campus. I hope each of you experience a rebirth of your own as we emerge from this pandemic stronger and resume our lives.

Let’s Go!

Sean, ‘89
Life Member

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When Mountaineers Help Other Mountaineers

Each day, I am humbled by the stunning generosity of Mountaineers around the globe. 

On Wednesday, March 3rd, West Virginia University will host its annual Day of Giving. For one day, and only one day, our community will rise to the challenge to raise funds for our University’s future. In only 24 hours, we’re going to lay the groundwork to tackle our most significant obstacles head-on.

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Life in the Buckskins

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