From Down the Hall: October 2022

Fall is here in Morgantown, and it's a great time to be in West Virginia! The leaves are starting to change, and the camera roll on my phone is filled with images of campus sunsets. It also means that events are happening here on campus and around the country! I'd like to give a special thank you to our Austin Chapter for hosting a fantastic tailgate for Mountaineers from all over who came to cheer on WVU as we took on the Longhorns. The energy from the fans before and during the game was unmatched. If you're in the Austin area and want to get involved in the chapter, visit their Facebook page here.

Just before the Austin game, members of the Alumni Association team and I visited our nation's capital as President Gee spoke on the life-changing research, innovation and perseverance happening on our campus. I echo his remarks about West Virginia University being the launchpad to help change the trajectory of West Virginia and how education is the key that opens countless doors for our towns, cities and country. The work that's being done here in Morgantown reaches farther than many of us know, and the impact that our 200,000+ alumni have on others is immeasurable. I'd like to thank President Gee for his transformational leadership during his tenure, and I speak for many other Mountaineers in saying that we're fortunate to have you.

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