Travis Braden Racing Represents WVU in eSports Racing Series

Many Mountaineers will remember that Travis Braden sported the Flying WV on his race car for several years while he was studying mechanical and aerospace engineering at West Virginia University. Now, as more and more events are being canceled due to COVID-19, Travis is participating in “virtual” racing and will be competing in the eTruck Series this evening at 7pm. We’re extremely excited for Travis to be carrying the WVU Alumni Association’s colors in this evening’s race and we invite fans to watch him compete. Take a look at the press release from Travis Braden Racing for more information about Travis and tonight’s race.

Let’s Go!
Sean, '89

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Connection is the New Currency

Difficult times have a way of bringing people together, sometimes in unexpected ways. Yes, getting through them is hard, it’s uncomfortable, and sometimes can result in tragedy. However, without exception, the strongest and most effective teams I’ve been part of all had a shared experience of getting through a crisis.

As I reflect on those difficult times, the common theme was selflessness. Each person worried more about their teammates than themselves. There was always someone else to lift you up on a bad day, watch your six, or simply give you a word of encouragement.

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