The Importance of Giving Back

Yesterday was a big day in the Frisbee household! Before I could even say hello, my daughter jumped right in with “Dad, I’ve got great news! I got into WVU!” The excitement in her voice put a huge smile on my face and instantly brought tears to my eyes knowing that she, too, would find a home at West Virginia University just as I had. There is something special about your children wishing to attend your alma mater and next year when she joins her brother at WVU, I’ll be grinning from eer to eer!

While we share our gratitude for having another Mountaineer in the family, Thanksgiving is just around the corner. Can you believe it? The air is crisp, students are buckling down for the last push of the semester, our women’s soccer players are Big 12 champions, our football team is still in the championship hunt, and we just learned that John Chambers’ ongoing contribution could change the future for our state. Add to that the recent breakthrough we’ve had in combating Alzheimer’s disease along with other groundbreaking work from our researchers and it’s obvious we have plenty to be grateful for here at West Virginia University.

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