From Down the Hall: July 2023

As I mentioned in last month’s entry, summer session has begun on campus and while things are quieter and traffic is thinner on the streets of Morgantown, our WVU Alumni Association team has entered our busy months supporting alumni chapters and interest groups in communities near you. Last month, we had the pleasure of hosting volunteer leaders from around the country at the Alumni Leaders Institute (ALI). We were more than excited to welcome them back to campus for this three-day event, packed with information about campus happenings, best practices for connecting with Mountaineers in their areas, and getting to know each other better in an in-person capacity. Due to the pandemic, the program had been postponed and moved to a virtual setting the last several years. We valued that virtual engagement, but there is nothing like having our leaders on campus reconnecting with our campus and each other.

It is inspiring to meet with dedicated longtime leaders continuing their mission of connecting Mountaineers and energetic new ones that have ambitious plans for their communities. They do such an incredible job representing our University by providing opportunities for engagement, supporting current students and spreading the word about world-changing initiatives taking place at their alma mater.

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