From Down the Hall: February 2024

Last month, the journey through West Virginia University history was met with enthusiasm, nostalgia, and pride for our alma mater. If you missed January’s edition, take a trip down memory lane with me here. Sharing our story is not just a duty, but a joy that binds us together, emphasizing the importance of each chapter in shaping our vibrant community. As we stand at the threshold of a new chapter, embarking on the next 150 years of the WVU Alumni Association, let’s delve deeper into the organization's most memorable moments. 

In the pursuit of our historical narrative, kudos to our dedicated Alumni team members, Catie and Will, for combing through decades of meeting minutes, captivating stories and cherished traditions that were hidden gems, even for someone deeply connected to our alma mater. It's astonishing how, after 150 years, we find ourselves linked to those visionaries who laid the groundwork for our enduring legacy.

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