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The Mountaineer Mascot

One of the most beloved of all West Virginia athletic traditions, The Mountaineer mascot first appeared at WVU sporting events during the 1934-35 school year with Lawson Hill taking on the role.


The Mountaineer is a mascot rich in WVU tradition and history.

Mikel Hager is the current Mountaineer Mascot

The Current Mascot

Mikel Hager, a native of Madison, West Virginia, is West Virginia University’s 69th Mountaineer mascot. Students who serve as the Mountaineer participate in a rigorous selection process overseen by a prestigious group of students, faculty and staff representing the University community. 

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Mountaineer Colson Glover posing with the Moutaineer Musket in front of a mountain range


The WVU Mountaineer represents the strength and spirit of West Virginia University.

The Mountaineer mascot is known for wearing buckskins, traditionally made from deer hide, which are tailored for each mascot. The Mountaineer also carries a coonskin cap, powder horn, moccasins, and an American-made black powder rifle.

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The Mountaineer kneeling in the endzone with the WVU football team


One of the most beloved athletic traditions, the WVU mascot is present at many major sporting events and is frequently seen around campus. The figure represents not only the students at WVU, but the people of the state of West Virginia.

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2017 Mountaineer Mascot finalists posing for a picture


The Mountaineer is a member of the student body chosen by the Mountaineer Selection Committee for outstanding enthusiasm, character, service to the community, and academics. The selected Mountaineer receives a tuition waiver or scholarship in return for their service.

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Think you have what it takes to become the next Mountaineer mascot?