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Friends of WVU Army ROTC mark

Friends of WVU Army ROTC

West Virginia University was formed as a land grant university. Born under the under the tenants of the Morrill Act of 1862 they were required to teach military tactics and strategy. Our rich military history continues today through the Cadets of the Mountaineer Battalion and the Friends of WVU Army ROTC.

West Virginia University Army ROTC graduates, form a remarkable network of leaders in both the military ranks and business. Our members are supportive of their alma mater and strive to sustain their lifelong bond with classmates while remaining are dedicated to the success and reputation of West Virginia University.

Our registered 501c3 organization’s mission is to assist the cadets of the Mountaineer Battalion, reconnect Army ROTC graduates, Alumni, and patriotic supporters in our community through fellowship, mentoring, fundraising, coaching, scholarships, and networking.

Membership in The Friends of WVU Army ROTC demonstrates an affinity to West Virginia University’s past while looking toward the future. Membership builds on the bonds formed in the profession of defending our nation while building on the camaraderie formed when first joining Army ROTC.

The Friends of WVU Army ROTC connects members to our worldwide alumni network and our local patriotic supporters while advancing our chapter’s ability to give back to current Army ROTC cadets. Visit the Friends of WVU Army ROTC website.

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