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A Letter to Our Alumni

To Our Mountaineer Family,

We believe strongly that at West Virginia University, we are made better by the diversity that exists within our campus and in our communities.

At WVU, we prioritize Respect as one of our core values: “We are respectful, transparent, and inclusive with each other,” and we exercise Accountability to “perform at our very best every day to create a university that is responsive, efficient, and effective.” To do so, we share Appreciation by “supporting and valuing each other’s contributions as we build a community that is One WVU.”

Only when our values are centered on creating a safe place where every person is welcome and respected can we truly uphold WVU’s commitment to creating a diverse and inclusive culture that advances education and prosperity for West Virginia and beyond.

As your alumni association, we remain committed to creating a brighter future for all Mountaineers through meaningful dialogue, inclusiveness and engaging programming. We continue to listen to our alumni and friends to ensure that we provide experiences that all alumni expect and deserve to receive.

It is our belief that we should continue to welcome difficult conversations about important topics and cultivate spaces in which we can grow together as a community. We have set up a form where you are welcome to share your personal experience at West Virginia University or as an alumnus in your community. We welcome your feedback as we work toward change and healing.

Kevin Berry signature

Kevin Berry
WVU Vice President of Alumni Relations
CEO of the WVU Alumni Association, Inc.

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