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Some Things Never Change

The tattered, unopened box labeled “Sean” had moved unceremoniously from house to house and as I progressed through my career, many similar dusty boxes started to surround it. Determined to start 2019 with a clean slate, I realized it was time to purge the basement of all the “stuff” that seemed to mysteriously accumulate over the years.

Little did I know that among these dusty boxes I would find something so special. I cracked open the box marked with my name and dug through the matchbox cars, my 1977 Topps baseball trading card collection, homecoming pictures, an assortment ofother so-called valuables and at the very bottom was a blue vinyl folder labeled: West Virginia University.

I sat down and opened the folder to find an assortment of artifacts from my earliest days at WVU. The real gem, however, was my acceptance letter, signed by none other than E. Gordon Gee!

A photocopy of the acceptance letter from E Gordon Gee

After reading the letter I took a picture of it and sent it to President Gee; his response was, “Oh my. How cool is that!” I remember feeling so excited to open that letter with the WVU logo on it, symbolizing my acceptance at a school where I could study engineering, cheer for Mountaineer football, and enjoy the incredible outdoors in West Virginia.

Things sure have changed over the last 35 years. Our brand is now one of the most recognizable in the world. Even though it might look a little different, the experience of receiving your acceptance to WVU remains as exciting now as it was then, and our graduates continue to positively impact the world. Some things never change.

Oh, and E. Gordon Gee is still our President. Oh, my!

Happy New Year,
Sean, 89