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Since returning to West Virginia almost four years ago, I’ve enjoyed reuniting myself with the wonders of this beautiful state. Whether I’m running trails at Coopers Rock State Forest, skiing and mountain biking on Snowshoe Mountain, fishing the Elk River, backpacking in Dolly Sods, or riding my motorcycle through the majestic mountains, I’ve enjoyed every minute of it and in truth, I’ve only touched the surface. There is so much to do, and our state has something for everyone!

photo of the milky way galaxy taken by Sean Frisbee in the Monongahela National Forest

I took this photo of the Milky Way last weekend while cowboy camping (under the stars, no tent) on top of a mountain in the Monongahela National Forest. There are few places east of the Mississippi where one can see a night sky like you can in West Virginia.

If you live far away, or if it’s been awhile since you’ve explored West Virginia, I suggest you schedule time to return and reunite yourself and your family with the majesty of this special state. If you need help thinking through your next adventure in West Virginia, we’re happy to help. Shoot us a note at Meanwhile, follow #AlmostHeaven on Instagram and I assure you, it won’t be long until you’re dreaming of your next adventure in the Wild and Wonderful West Virginia!

Let’s Go!

Sean, ‘89