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Continuing Education

I am consistently overwhelmed with excitement when I learn about new opportunities for students at WVU. I feel like I learn about a new student organization, research breakthrough or educational program in every meeting I attend on campus and it’s important to remember that the opportunities West Virginia University offers to Mountaineers are not restricted to campus, nor are they limited to students.

I recently had a meeting with our colleagues at the Chambers College of Business and Economics, where I learned about an incredible new master’s degree that can be completed entirely online. This Healthcare MBA will focus on equipping healthcare professionals with the skills and knowledge necessary to navigate and lead the healthcare industry.

With more online degrees offered now than ever, there has never been a better time for our alumni to return to West Virginia University to continue their education. Even if you’re undecided about seeking another degree or certification, I would urge all alumni to take a look at the opportunities that WVU has to offer at – or take a look at the information below about the new Healthcare MBA.

Let's Go
Sean '89

A HMBA student smiling for a photo in a lab

West Virginia University’s John Chambers College of Business and Economics is delighted to announce its new, fully-online Healthcare MBA degree in the Fall of 2020 in order to answer the needs of students engaged in the business of healthcare. The HMBA program will deliver strong outcomes for current and future healthcare professionals by offering a cutting edge MBA curriculum imbued with a strong healthcare lens. The degree targets careers in the healthcare industry in the United States, which is currently at an estimated $3.65 trillion or 17.9 percent of the total U.S. Gross Domestic Product (GDP), and is projected to grow to 19.4 percent of the U.S. GDP by 2027.

The healthcare industry faces ongoing business challenges such as technology-induced business model disruptions, rate payer changes that cause funding instability, costly location based epidemiological crises, impactful government regulatory change and rampant fraud, among other issues. These seismic shifts require leaders to be well prepared to effectively manage their organizations and prioritize patient outcomes.

The new Healthcare MBA (HMBA) program is delivered in a fully-online modality, allowing students to maintain momentum in their career while also pursuing their degree. The HMBA adds to the robust Chambers College portfolio of online degrees, including our traditional online MBA, the new MS in Economics, MS in Business Data Analytics, MS in Business Cyber Security and Forensic and Fraud Examination along with an array of certificate options. Our online programs have been recognized by U.S. News and World Report rankings. Many of our programs, including the HMBA, are priced at special Board of Governor’s rate, making them remarkably affordable.

The program is made up of a leading-edge curriculum with a strong business foundations in finance, accounting, marketing, management and information systems, all delivered with a healthcare lens. Faculty members are deep experts in their areas, most with healthcare expertise either from work experience, in their research agendas or both. Additionally, the inclusion of elective courses provides an opportunity for customization. Timely topics include Business Intelligence, Business Networking Security and Strategic Communications. The program caps with applied courses that allow students to explore innovation in healthcare or take on research into a strategic business problem related to a healthcare organization.

The industry needs trained leaders to manage diverse teams, to successfully navigate the business of healthcare, to lead and to provide innovative solutions that improve the healthcare system in order to more readily support positive health outcomes. The program launches in Fall 2020. To learn more about the program, visit or contact Mr. Joey VanDevender, Director of Admissions, at 304-293-2333