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Give Us Feedback

WVU is up and running again! We successfully welcomed students back to campus and classes are underway. It’s been wonderful to see our administration, faculty, and staff come together this summer and navigate the challenges of COVID, making it possible for our students to return safely. By and large, the students have been following the COVID rules as well. Everyone is working hard to keep the community safe and healthy, and we are keeping our fingers crossed for a full football season!

As we continue to serve our alumni, we’ve been busy launching our new webinar series, expanding our outreach, and planning for the future. To do so, we launched a survey to solicit feedback from our alumni about how we can better provide more value for those who have left WVU. The response has been fantastic!

Early results indicate our alumni want us to concentrate on professional development, career support, networking, and national events. The comments section has been particularly helpful in providing insight regarding the programs and services we can offer that provide the most support and value.

If you haven’t already, please take the survey. It will only take you 2 minutes or so to complete. We want to hear how we can be most helpful to you and we will be using the results of this survey for our long-term planning. You can click here to take the survey.

I hope each of you is safe and healthy, and I look forward to a future when we can get together, in-person, once again. Until then, best wishes!

Let’s Go!
Sean, ’89