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From Down the Hall: October 2023


As the leaves are starting to show hints of the fall foliage season to come here in West Virginia, I am thrilled to welcome you all back to campus in a few short weeks for Homecoming 2023. This year is incredibly special as we celebrate not only our cherished Mountaineer traditions, but also the 150th anniversary of our beloved Alumni Association. It's a time for us to reconnect, reminisce, and revel in the enduring spirit of West Virginia University.

Throughout the decades, the WVU Alumni Association has played a pivotal role in fostering a sense of belonging and pride among graduates. It's a legacy that has endured the test of time, growing stronger with each passing year. For a century and a half, the Alumni Association has been a steadfast advocate for our alumni and their alma mater, supporting the University in countless ways.

As we celebrate this historic milestone, let us take a moment to reflect on the many alumni who have made an indelible mark on the world. From business leaders and educators, scientists and engineers, to artists and athletes, WVU graduates have excelled in every imaginable field. It is a testament to the education and character-building that WVU provides.

Homecoming is not just another event on our calendar; it's a symbol of our collective Mountaineer spirit. It's a time when we return to Morgantown to recall special moments in our Mountaineer journey, reconnect with old friends, and make new memories. The parade on Friday evening, the football game on Saturday, and returning to a place we call “home”—all of it brings us back to that familiar sense of belonging and pride in our University.

The anticipation for this year’s Homecoming is palpable, and it's a testament to the enduring passion we have for WVU. Whether you're a student, a recent graduate or a seasoned alum, this is the perfect opportunity to reflect on what it means to be a Mountaineer.

As we celebrate our 150th anniversary, let us also look to the future. Our Alumni Association has ambitious plans to continue its mission of supporting the University and its students. We aim to expand scholarship opportunities, strengthen networking and mentorship programs, and create more avenues for alumni to stay engaged with their alma mater. 

When we gather for Homecoming this year, let's not only celebrate our rich history but also look ahead to the incredible potential of the years to come. This year has been one of transformation, and though we have faced challenges, we are looking to the future of our great University as a modern flagship, land-grant, R1 institution. As Mountaineers, we will continue to go first and climb higher - together.

In closing, I want to express my deepest gratitude to every member of our Alumni Association. Your dedication and love for WVU have sustained us for 150 years, and I have no doubt that it will carry us forward into a bright future. So, let's come together, dressed in our favorite gold and blue, and make this Homecoming one for the ages. Here's to the next 150 years of Mountaineer moments!

Let’s Go!

Kevin Berry ('94, '95)
WVU Vice President of Alumni Relations
CEO of the WVU Alumni Association, Inc.

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